Cascadia Life Sciences

Pioneering pharmaceutical discovery with novel broad spectrum antiviral compounds
Developing compounds with broad-spectrum anti-viral activity.

It is the nature of the virus-host cell equilibrium that the microbe and host are constantly adapting to evade detection and destruction by the other. As such, effective antiviral strategies require frequent replenishment to mitigate increased resistance by viruses to pharmaceutical agents. Cascadia Life Sciences has discovered novel antiviral compounds and is developing a portfolio of broad-spectrum antiviral drug candidates to target viral diseases.

  • Cascadia has identified patent-pending, broad-spectrum anti-viral compounds
  • Cascadia’s antiviral drug candidates are robust to viral resistance as the broad-spectrum antiviral compounds will be used in cocktails to prevent viral adaptation to individual molecules
  • Cascadia’s compounds should have lower immunogenicity and cytotoxicity than small molecules
  • The broad-spectrum activity of CLS peptides ushers in the possibility of targeting other markets such as veterinary and agricultural antivirals.

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